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Bored now.
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Sep. 5th, 2007 10:25 pm
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So I finally got my printer/scanner/copier installed and set up, which means I can brag and brag about my little sister and her amazing art (she's fifteen and can do this shit, seriously), and show off the picture she drew me for my birthday. So I was all gung-ho about uploading it into my ScrapBook and being the stupid sister that I am, and then it came out sideways. The file doesn't show up sideways when I view it in My Documents, only when I load it into ScrapBook. What the hell. And the thing won't load on photobucket.

I AM GOING TO POST IT ANYWAY. Because I am that proud and ridiculous. But maybe someone can help me fix the problem? And until then, just turn your head sideways?

Here it is:

And if you don't have some inkling of who that is then you are hereby disowned from being my friend. My icon totally gives it away.

EDIT: Okay I'm sort of smart and sort of fixed it by myself but now the proportions are all screwy on the link to it. Ah well, just click on the link and it will be normal, I guess.


Jan. 23rd, 2007 05:45 pm
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Okay, so one of these I wrote like 2 months ago and never posted, and the other I wrote yesterday. As a protest to the apparent lack of grammatically functional Wil/Tara, because I haven't managed to find the gargantuan quantities I expected.

PG-fluff.Sick!Tara )

This one was written as a scenario to match the storyline of Buffy wishing Tara back. The one that they didn't film because Amber Benson wasn't available, what the hell, Amber. So.

Again with the PG-fluff.

Happiness, hopefully. )

Enjoy, enjoy!!

Tomorrow, Mel and I have a Plan. It is a good Plan. It involves watching the first and last episodes of Buffy, starting at the same time. So, we shall see Willow leave the embrace of the softer side of Sears and turn into a sexy lesbian in exactly one hour. I will call her at 6, and we shall impart our Plan of Good Plans. Word. Except then I will be depressed, because it'll be over till March.

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Oh, Buff, you're so presh.

I think I need to stopp looking at SMG photos and finish the conclusion to that lab write-up. Whaddaya say?

But she's so pretty! No distractions, bah.
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10 things I love that begin with the letter "P"! Ask me for a letter.

1. Popsicles, of the strawberry variety. Those all-natural ice pops with the whole strawberries in them... ::shiver::

2. Performing. Stage lights, ahoy.

3. Pookie! Of the Mel or Jalissa variety, both are more than preferrable. :P

4. Patti LuPone. I love her. 'Nuff said.

5. Paganism. Well, it is my religion, and contains lots of yummy-type things. Witches, for example, like Willow and Tara!

6. Parasols. Like the one in my icon above. I twirl them sometimes, and hit Gir in the eye.

7. Procrastination. It saves my life sometimes. Actually, alot.

8. Puppets. Angel was one once, you know. He had an icky puppet face.

9. Pie! Seriously guys, pie is my life sustenance. I do not kid.

10. Patty Griffin. Is my favorite person ever, right now. She plays a beautiful guitar and her songs make me cry. Esp "LEt Him Fly" which is the Zoe/Wash song of all Zoe/Wash songs.


Dec. 17th, 2006 08:23 pm
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Guys, seriously, I love my hair. Y'know how it was dark for awhile, courtesy of Broadway Bound? Well, I got bored of it, and, considering that Mr. Z and I are taping my audition monologues for Williams and Hamilton tomorrow, and I have to look normal, I decided to change it back. Wary of doing it myself again out of a box, because, knowing me, that would turn out disastrous, my mother and I tracked down a salon that would take me last minute. And whoooeee, was it expensive (I owe her a lot of money), but it was so worth it, because they're the best colorists in the area and gave me awesome hair. It took 3 hours. I don't know why, but it did. My hair used to be duller than this, kind of dark blonde with the occasional red or light blonde highlight, but now my highlights are accentuated so my hair's almost strawberry blonde. It's like a little bit of Willow. :P I m proud.

Speaking of which, have I mentioned how PAINFUL it is that I have no source for Season 7 Buffy? I'm supposed to be getting it for Christmas unless my dad is an ass. Still, that's a week. A WEEK. And I've exhausted all of the Angel I can get my hands on (only Season 1, because that's all Liz owns) and okay, whoever thought it would be a good idea to have a show about Angel the Amazingly Socially Awkward fighting crime? Was a genius. I love him so much.

Wow, guys, I have a hetero crush! It's a miracle. 

Annnnnnnnnd in just 2 short steps my NYU application will be ready to stick in the mail! Five down, three to go!

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OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD GREY'S ANATOMY OH MY GOD. Seriously I need an icon that says that.


kglsjgnoerijnjkandkjs. )

Izzie. Made me cry.

Aaaah, why does no one else have posts about this? I need to freak out with someone and WHERE IS MEL.
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I am looking for three things:

-I really want a Keira-in-drag icon. As in, like, I physically need one. I know some of you on here make icons, and if anyone else has found any good ones, let me know? I'm not looking for anything elaborate or texty, just a pretty picture with p'raps some stylized stuff. Specific, right? Will credit, and won't hotlink.

-I'm looking for someone to make me an icon with this picture, cropped to just be Patti's amazing face, and the words "top hat omg." Long story. Again, very simplistic. 

-I'm looking to see if someone would be willing to upload the new Pride and Prejudice soundtrack for me, 'cause I needs me some gorgeous piano.

And now, off to watch the rest of Sunday in the Park with George. Yar.
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List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same.

It depresses me that I have only 10 slots. Because, unlike [ profile] servantofthepen, I may be the most unfortunately hormonally driven person on the planet, and in my mind, I'm banging way more than 10. Not that that would ever happen outside of my brain. EVER.

1. Maureen Johnson (Rent)- Um, okay, I think this one's a given, esp. in Idina form, because, HELLO.
2. Izzie Stevens (Grey's Anatomy)- Who wouldn't do Izzie? It's Katherine Heigl, goddamnit.
3. Denny Duquette (Grey's Anatomy)- In light of recent events, this... makes me cry. Not that his drawl doesn't completely turn me on.
4. Galadriel (Lord of the Rings)- Haha, sad, I know, but still.
5. Shannon Rutherford (Lost)- Um, Maggie Grace. Before she was BRUTALLY MURDERED. Y'know.
6. Addison Montgomery Sheppard (Grey's Anatomy)- Hah, I love how half this list is Grey's folk. Still, Izzie and Addie have got to be the two most sincerely human-looking characters on TV. Making them excessively appetizing.
7. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)- I don't think this one merits an explanation.
8. Dedicate Rosethorn (Circle of Magic)- I've been in love with Rosethorn since before I knew what gay actually was. Preferrably, I'd like a threesome with Lark AND Rosie, but I could only pick one...
9. Prior Walter (Angels In America)- Okay, he's a gay AIDS victim, but still. One could do worse. Possibly the most adorably cynical character ever written.
10. Jean (X-Men)- Not exactly sure why I find her attractive at all. Um. Mel, you have a go at explaining this one, 'cause I sure as hell can't.

I tag anyone on Flist who hasn't done this one yet.
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Give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my toes are nice.

Put this in your journal. Once you get some comments, put the entry in a memory or tag so that when you are feeling down, you can go to that entry and remind yourself how great you are.
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For Maddeh-kins. ::huggles:: And also, in the hope of propagating this pairing a bit. Oh, I haven't written Tamora in SO long.




Uh, PG-13?           


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So, I watched Flawless last night, with Tara. You know, that movie with half the Rent cast and half the Rent script.

Okay, I exaggerate. It was only Daphne and Wilson, but the movie was so, so awesome.

And I've come to the theory that Wilson Jermaine Heredia, who was a draq queen, again, is by far the most attractive woman I've seen.

This should not be possible.

Right, so.

Feb. 24th, 2006 01:26 am
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Do you have any idea at all how awkward that was watching it with my DAD?! That was his requirement, that if he got it for me we could watch it together. I was like, "Umm, kay," but it shortly became, "I'm not... queer. No. Not at all."

And then there was Jenny, and I fell in love, but then she was, like, kissing a dude, and I was all, bummer. Till the second half. ::grin::

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I think you should all go to my userinfo and view the rose that I was given by Anthony Rapp in honor of our secret love affair. It wins, by far. Also, it and the love letter of unmitigated devotion I received from Jess brightened my day slightly.

In addition, I know many of you (::grabs at Carrie and Fae and Mel::) are MoJo fans, and so I pimp at you [ profile] rent_mojo, the first Maureen and Joanne ElJay community. I didn't make it, but I love it, and we need members. So please, be of the joining so we can spread the lesbian love.

Today... was certainly an experience. I wasn't sure whether to feel confused or obligated or piteous or something else.

My mood icon terrifies the life out of me.
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Okay, I think a collective, "WHAT THE FUCK." is necessary in this circumstance.

Because really, what the fuck was that? I really loved it, though. Hurley never ceases to amaze me with his awesomeness. He should be friends with Mel and me. Apparently, there's a chance that Libby may be something else, too. Comment if you want to know.

Okay, just something I've been dying to do to Charlie.


I really don't want to hate him, but he sets my teeth on edge right now.

Also, as I said to Sister, Charlie should totally write a song called He Sold My Piano And Moved To Sydney. It would win.

PS- Mel was hugged by Neil Gaiman, our literary god, this evening. I am Elphie-green with envy, which can be okay, because anything Elphie-related is automatically amazing. But yes. Really. I wish I could be hugged by an apparently good-smelling Neil.
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Okay, so I finally got a bootleg of Love Of My Life, that infamously bad song from the NYTW production between Maureen and Joanne in Act II. It was eventually replaced by Take Me Or Leave Me in time for Off-Broadway and Broadway, but for anyone who actually heard it onstage, I'm very sorry.

There were absolutely no transcriptions of it online, as Mel and I sadly discovered when I tried to play it for her and she couldn't hear it. We decided to make one, because really, it's an experience every person needs to have. So, Love Of My Life:

Or, what happens when Jonathan Larson tries to fit too many syllables into one line and fails utterly. )

Yes, I can categorically state that a piece of my soul died with my first, second, and third hearings of that song.

In the words of Mel, Jonathan Larson, how did you ever write the rest of Rent, ever? Seriously, it's not possible.

Oh, god.
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"My mom gave me an IOU for Anthony Rapp's book. I, like, fell off the couch."
"Because you know it's just going to me a collection of correspondence transcripts between him and the boy from Ohio."


"So yeah, this whole Rent thing was definitely a revival for us."
"Why, did we really need a revival?"
"...No, we were just running out of things to make fun of Tori Amos for."
"Even the freaking Bitchlist is funning out of things to make fun of."
"It's because she's disappeared."
"I know, she's just secluded in her castle in Wales."
"With Tash."
"She's reading her Wicked."
"And she's all, 'OMG, Tash, Liir totally represents the archetype for the patriarchy...etc.'"


"AHH, SHAE, Liir is the boy from Ohio!"
"Oh, lord, he is."


"If there really was a boy from Ohio, I would pee."
"Anthony Rapp's friend who died of AIDS cancer should be from Ohio."
"I know, really."


"My sister and I decided that Madam Morrible is really RuPaul."
"Totally. In Oklahoma, with the Wizard, I mean Joel Grey."
"And Cheno."
"Oh my god, I really want to hug Joel Grey!"
"Me too! I told my dance teacher that I would marry him, and she gave me a really funny look. Which, you know, I just don't understand. Except that he is, like, eighty. And just a bit wrinkled."
"But still."
"I know, he's a song-and-dance man! What a catch."

Mel. We should be holy.
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