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In a desperate effort to procrastinate studying for my one exam tomorrow, I just catalogued all the plays I own.

Alphabetical by playwright, then title.

Just to accentuate how ridiculous this is, I may have over 75 plays. Or more.

And then I wrote my name in all of them.

Sometimes I question my own mental stability.
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Okay, so I finally got a bootleg of Love Of My Life, that infamously bad song from the NYTW production between Maureen and Joanne in Act II. It was eventually replaced by Take Me Or Leave Me in time for Off-Broadway and Broadway, but for anyone who actually heard it onstage, I'm very sorry.

There were absolutely no transcriptions of it online, as Mel and I sadly discovered when I tried to play it for her and she couldn't hear it. We decided to make one, because really, it's an experience every person needs to have. So, Love Of My Life:

Or, what happens when Jonathan Larson tries to fit too many syllables into one line and fails utterly. )

Yes, I can categorically state that a piece of my soul died with my first, second, and third hearings of that song.

In the words of Mel, Jonathan Larson, how did you ever write the rest of Rent, ever? Seriously, it's not possible.

Oh, god.


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