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Well, I saw the final public show of Rent.

I don't know how that happened. I think I'm magical when it comes to getting show tickets? My little brother and I went together, and he explained it pretty well:

"That was the most magical thing I have ever seen onstage!"

It brought back Rent for me, out of the doldrums of my brainpits. Collins is still my favorite, ever. And Maureen and Joanne still bring rays of light into my heart. I cried, I laughed, I loved.


Not gonna lie, they were my favorite Joanne and Maureen I have EVER seen onstage. Ever. I don't know what they did (heh heh heh...) but their chemistry was through the fucking roof. They blew the rest of the show out of the water with Take Me Or Leave Me. I can't even tell you the perfection... And Tracie is HOT in person. TIIIINY, but hot.

Plus, my little brother was like, "Joanne is definitely my favorite!" And he's adorably in love with Tracie, and he wanted to meet her SO BAD. We got to (!!!) and I told her I loved her, and he was all, "Thank you for an amazing show! You were my favorite character! You are an awesome actress!" I have trained him well. I took a picture of them together, and he stared at it for 5 minutes. I have to admit, it's kind of the cutest picture of all time. Will show you later. Also, um, Rosario Dawson sat 2 rows in front of me and was squashed up against my back in the bathroom line. Like, her boobs were in my back? We discussed how long it was. :)

Also, finally saw the girl today for the first time in 4 days. :P Damn Cabaret rehearsal and Russian Lit (on her end). I missed her.
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So, I watched Flawless last night, with Tara. You know, that movie with half the Rent cast and half the Rent script.

Okay, I exaggerate. It was only Daphne and Wilson, but the movie was so, so awesome.

And I've come to the theory that Wilson Jermaine Heredia, who was a draq queen, again, is by far the most attractive woman I've seen.

This should not be possible.
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I think you should all go to my userinfo and view the rose that I was given by Anthony Rapp in honor of our secret love affair. It wins, by far. Also, it and the love letter of unmitigated devotion I received from Jess brightened my day slightly.

In addition, I know many of you (::grabs at Carrie and Fae and Mel::) are MoJo fans, and so I pimp at you [ profile] rent_mojo, the first Maureen and Joanne ElJay community. I didn't make it, but I love it, and we need members. So please, be of the joining so we can spread the lesbian love.

Today... was certainly an experience. I wasn't sure whether to feel confused or obligated or piteous or something else.

My mood icon terrifies the life out of me.
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Okay, so I finally got a bootleg of Love Of My Life, that infamously bad song from the NYTW production between Maureen and Joanne in Act II. It was eventually replaced by Take Me Or Leave Me in time for Off-Broadway and Broadway, but for anyone who actually heard it onstage, I'm very sorry.

There were absolutely no transcriptions of it online, as Mel and I sadly discovered when I tried to play it for her and she couldn't hear it. We decided to make one, because really, it's an experience every person needs to have. So, Love Of My Life:

Or, what happens when Jonathan Larson tries to fit too many syllables into one line and fails utterly. )

Yes, I can categorically state that a piece of my soul died with my first, second, and third hearings of that song.

In the words of Mel, Jonathan Larson, how did you ever write the rest of Rent, ever? Seriously, it's not possible.

Oh, god.


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