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Currently roaring through Stone Butch Blues for my Queer Lit class. It's... gah. Really. A memoir of pre-Stonewall growing up butch in Buffalo, NY. It's by Leslie Feinberg, an unbelievable trans activist.

This is a breathtaking passage, but could be VERY triggery. Hence, under cut.
She's been wandering around by the football field. )

And with that passage, I sobbed my eyes out. Fuck the 1950s. The book gets so much better when Jess starts sneaking away to Niagara Falls and finds surrogate lesbian parents (one butch, one femme--there was a serious binary back then) and they both start to rear her as a baby butch. Butch Al tells her how to be tough, and Jackie tells her how to stay tender. And I cry and want them to stay together forever as a little found family (my trope!) except then it gets depressing again.

LOOK AT THIS. It is Imogen Heap covering Thriller. WHAT:

On another note, friends, I so very badly need a therapist.
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So... I think I'm gonna apply to volunteer at the Harvey Milk School in New York. This has been under consideration for, like, months, and I've made a decision. I have no idea what I could possibly do for them, considering my already hellish schedule, but it's something I've felt more and more lately is crucial to me. Working with GLOW kids this summer, honestly, made me so much more aware in myself of that need to help people through the tougher aspects of their sexuality. And I think I would feel right at home in a place that serves as a haven for displaced queer youth, runaways, kids who were thrown out, or who just can't find acceptance among their other peers. I've sort of nurtured this feeling that it's my duty to give back to my dear, loving community. And seeing Milk (finally, god, I know) tonight, and hearing those amazing words he spoke in real life about the need for acceptance and love and hope for every struggling teen who is taught that he or she is sick or deranged made me cry, out of both pride for those ferocious souls who have come before me and out of the realization that there needs to be more of this kind of thinking.

So, again, I don't know what I could possibly do for them. But I just want to be there, because I consider myself to be someone who is fairly well-adjusted in her sexuality. Yes, I have my moments, but I share with Harvey the fierce opinion that being out is one of the best things we can do for one another and our world. And if I can give one 16-year-old babydyke the faith in herself that the world is not out to suppress us and shove us away, in shame and rejection, regardless of what ::cough:: recent human action may demonstrate, then I will have at least done part of my duty in this society.

The world needs more love. Maybe this can be my way of bringing that about.
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