Jan. 23rd, 2007 05:45 pm
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Okay, so one of these I wrote like 2 months ago and never posted, and the other I wrote yesterday. As a protest to the apparent lack of grammatically functional Wil/Tara, because I haven't managed to find the gargantuan quantities I expected.

PG-fluff.Sick!Tara )

This one was written as a scenario to match the storyline of Buffy wishing Tara back. The one that they didn't film because Amber Benson wasn't available, what the hell, Amber. So.

Again with the PG-fluff.

Happiness, hopefully. )

Enjoy, enjoy!!

Tomorrow, Mel and I have a Plan. It is a good Plan. It involves watching the first and last episodes of Buffy, starting at the same time. So, we shall see Willow leave the embrace of the softer side of Sears and turn into a sexy lesbian in exactly one hour. I will call her at 6, and we shall impart our Plan of Good Plans. Word. Except then I will be depressed, because it'll be over till March.

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Oh, Buff, you're so presh.

I think I need to stopp looking at SMG photos and finish the conclusion to that lab write-up. Whaddaya say?

But she's so pretty! No distractions, bah.


Dec. 17th, 2006 08:23 pm
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Guys, seriously, I love my hair. Y'know how it was dark for awhile, courtesy of Broadway Bound? Well, I got bored of it, and, considering that Mr. Z and I are taping my audition monologues for Williams and Hamilton tomorrow, and I have to look normal, I decided to change it back. Wary of doing it myself again out of a box, because, knowing me, that would turn out disastrous, my mother and I tracked down a salon that would take me last minute. And whoooeee, was it expensive (I owe her a lot of money), but it was so worth it, because they're the best colorists in the area and gave me awesome hair. It took 3 hours. I don't know why, but it did. My hair used to be duller than this, kind of dark blonde with the occasional red or light blonde highlight, but now my highlights are accentuated so my hair's almost strawberry blonde. It's like a little bit of Willow. :P I m proud.

Speaking of which, have I mentioned how PAINFUL it is that I have no source for Season 7 Buffy? I'm supposed to be getting it for Christmas unless my dad is an ass. Still, that's a week. A WEEK. And I've exhausted all of the Angel I can get my hands on (only Season 1, because that's all Liz owns) and okay, whoever thought it would be a good idea to have a show about Angel the Amazingly Socially Awkward fighting crime? Was a genius. I love him so much.

Wow, guys, I have a hetero crush! It's a miracle. 

Annnnnnnnnd in just 2 short steps my NYU application will be ready to stick in the mail! Five down, three to go!


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